photos and values

this picture was taken with a point and shoot camera, in the night mode. Knowing (and here the interesting meaning of the word knowing: adjective, showing or suggesting that one has knowledge or awareness that is secret or known to only a few people) the limits of a camera gives you the capability - or the power -  to use it to take the pictures any way your own limits allow you.

I knew what I could do with that camera and I knew what I couldn't. By knowing the limits and possibilities one can produce whatever his repertoire - the stock of skills or types of behavior that a person habitually uses - allows. (And by allows I mean that sometimes even if we know, even if we have the knowledge, for some reasons we are unable to perform the way we wanted, we don't allow ourselves to be the best of us.)

For me, this image has more value than many of those I've made with so many other resources. To be honest, it is this lack of possibilities that may overvalue this image, because perhaps the defects and the impossibilities are more important than the qualities and possibilities, for they are the ones that set the limits, not the other way around.

Perhaps, I really don't know. All I know is that I love this picture as it is and it's limits makes the photograph even more important, at least for me.