a dog in the middle

I've always liked to photograph scenes and things that are the opposite of a beatiful beach landscape. Well after years of practice, I found a place litterally like that: if I turned around, that is exactly what I would've seen, for I was at Cape Polonio's shore, in Uruguay. I also photographed the beautiful landscape, and believe me when I say that the day was very sunny.

I've always like to photograph dogs, I don't know why, I just do. So in order to see the dog in the middle of the photograph, I had to desaturate a little and also dimmed down the light, vignetting the corners.

I was very surprised when I got to the page 47 of Robert Adams "Why people photograph". The two page chapter is called "DOGS" and starts with a question: "Where does art begin?". I've read it some time ago and looked it up to fresh up my thoughts. The last paragraph goes like this:

"Art depends on there being affection in its creator's life, and an artist must find ways, like everyone else, to nourish it. A photographer down on his or her knees picturing a dog has found pleasure enough to make many things possible."

I just wanted to capture the image that was on my mind, at the moment, when I saw that scene, and of course I didn't think about that then. I'm still not sure about what he meant, but it's interesting to think about it.

summer in the city

summer in the city.
Me, I was working, sweting under the sun, over an idea hard to produce. A nice summer scene in the big city, just waiting there to be photographed.
Yes, been there, done that, now I gotta work, no time left for a skate park summertime afternoon anymore.
So many pictures go untaken during any given day, so many scenes never captured in a frame, so many photos wasted by the minutes.
Just another summer in the city, sweating for money and photographing for fun.

Porto Alegre, 2011


summertime, and the living is easy...

Uruguay, 2011